Sandblasting & Painting


We provide modern sandblasting and painting facilities on-site at our Taupo base that can be operated on a 24-hour basis.

The spray booth is compliant to the new advanced Australian Standard 4114 and has a floor area of 144m2, making it one of the largest facilities available. It is purpose built and designed to accommodate large industrial items. The entrance is 6x6m. Heating is provided through a geothermal under-floor system that allows for all weather coating.

The sandblasting facility is located directly behind the spray booth and is connected via a railway track and trolley system, capable of carrying 30 ton. This allows for ease of movement of heavy objects during the blasting and coating process. The blasting booth also has a floor area of 144m2 with geothermal under-floor heating and a working height of 6m.

We also offer a large storage area in excess of 1000m2 for equipment before painting and to cure afterwards.

In addition to sandblasting, whether at our base or on your site, we also offer mobile soda blasting services. This process is well suited to delicate substrates and sensitive environments.



Sandblasting is undertaken with the use of a pressurised pot system supplied at 565 cfm. This is complimented by a mobile unit which has the ability to deliver 295 cfm.


Two portable unit options are available. The first is arranged on a 12 ton truck complete with 4.5 ton hiab. This provides the ability to manipulate items on site as they are sandblasted and painted. The second is a smaller 4.5 ton crew-cab truck which is suited to the smaller on site blasting and painting jobs. For large contracts, two mobile crews are able to run simultaneously, one as a blasting unit and the other as a painting unit.


We also have the ability to sandblast in environmentally sensitive sites, with the use of vacuum blast equipment. This equipment has zero discharge to the atmosphere. Full containment systems can also be provided for large scale operations.


Painting is predominantly undertaken using a conventional spray system, however airless spray equipment is also available if required.


Altex Coatings is our main product supplier for heavy industrial coatings. Altex Coatings is the market leader and number one supplier of industrial coatings in New Zealand. All of our coatings applicators are Altex trained and authorised.


MB Century is accredited and compliant to ISO 9001. Work undertaken in our sandblasting and painting facility is covered under the Sandblasting and Painting Management and Inspection procedures. All surface preparation is abrasion blasted to SSPC SP 10 or to client specification.


  • Ohakuri Spillway Gate
  • Maraetai G6 Headgate
  • Maraetai G9 Headgate
  • Atiamuri High Level Spillway Gate
  • Atiamuri Low Level Spillway Gate
  • Atiamuri Low Level Diversion Tunnel Liner
  • Atiamuri Stop-logs
  • Atiamuri Penstocks
  • Aratiatia Stop-Log Crane
  • Waipapa Turbine Pit walls
  • Waipapa Scroll-case & Draft tube
  • Waipapa Spillway Bridge
  • Arapuni Penstock & Draft tube
  • Tokaanu Intake Gate
  • Tokaanu Draft Tube Stop-logs
  • Tokaanu T1, T2, T3, T4 Transformers
  • Wakapapa Intake Gate
  • Wakapapa Stationary Over-Head Crane
  • Wanganui Intake Gate
  • Pouto Canal Stop-logs
  • Kaitawa Relief Valve
  • Geothermal silencers for Lihir Mining Company
  • Huntly Power Station exhaust ducts
  • Downer Construction tower crane
  • BE & K Joint Venture pipe spooling
  • Aratiatia G1 & G3 wicket gates and headgates
  • Karapiro headgate
  • Tokaanu G1 turbine (on site)
  • Nga Awa Purua Gothermal Power Station Construction
  • Arapuni Spillway Bridge
  • Te Mihi Power Station Construction
  • Maraetai G3 Head Gate
  • Fonterra Milk Tankers
  • New and used “Bush Rigged” machinery
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Fleet Vehicles and Machinery
  • Coatings in both Geothermal and hydro environments
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