We offer one of New Zealand’s leading steam field design and engineering teams and provide a total design and/or construction service for steam field development. Today we’re in the unique position of being able to provide a complete service from investigation and development, to construction, operation and management of any geothermal resource.

Our expertise has been gained through continued involvement in the development of New Zealand’s Kawerau, Wairakei, Rotokawa, Mokai, Ohaaki and Ngawha geothermal fields. We have also been involved in the development of geothermal fields in Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the emerging Chile market.

Over many years we’ve developed and field tested design rules that ensure that pipelines can be installed at a competitive cost while completely satisfying the design criteria.

Our service covers all aspects of pipeline construction including the design of supports, insulation and ancillary equipment, and the complete conceptual and detail design of separation plants, incorporating the latest technology.

Engineering Design

MB Century offers a team of geothermal steam field process and piping design engineers, project managers, and computer aid designers (CAD).  Our real strength comes from our in-depth experience and knowledge of the development of steam fields in New Zealand and South East Asia. 

Engineering Design

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